It seems hardly a day goes by that there isn’t a new piece of technology in the news that is going to forever change our lives in some respect. However, the idea behind virtual reality headsets does have the real chance to change things in a range of ways and top on the list of anticipated headsets is the Oculus Rift. But what is it all about?

Rift Basics

According to Oculus, the Rift is unlike anything a user has experienced before. Regardless whether being used to step into a game, watch a VR movie, spend time with friends or even glimpse a location thousands of miles away, it offers a real-world experience that is unique.

While the final consumer version has yet to be tested, experts have already had their hands on the current versions and most are impressed. The headset is very lightweight and comfortable to wear, even for people with glasses, something that is high on the list of concerns voiced by potential users. It looks sleek as well, not that that is too much of a worry when you are wearing it!

Features that appeal to users include removable audio pieces, so you can use your own headphones and an adjustable faceplate to ensure comfort. While the full specs have yet to be released, there seems to be a strong chance that the Touch controllers will be available, though not perhaps bundled with the headset initially.

What It Will Do

Pending the final details, what we know the Rift will do is slightly prone to change. But one of the features that seems fairly certain is the 360-degree spatial audio experience as well as a constellation tracking system that determines your position when you are wearing the headset. The sensor will then recognise the head movements of the user regardless of whether they are seated or standing.

There are doubtless going to be a huge range of games to choose from when the full release happens but some of the games already glimpsed includes a Sports Challenge where users can play football, baseball, hockey and basketball. Games will use the touch of the Xbox controller to operate and gameplay consists of players turning their heads to keep track of the ball or puck. While the gameplay doesn’t seem too elaborate, the reality factor of it makes it different to any sports game attempted before.

Finally, the Touch controls that are looking to be an add-on to the initial package offer a high level of interaction for total immersion in the game. With one in each hand, the controllers allow users to shoot guns, punch objects, move items and even light a sparkler with a lighter in one demonstration.

The Verdict

The potential for the Oculus Rift seems limited only by the speed that new technology can be created for it. Of course, we don’t know the exact cost of the system yet and this may stop some people being able to opt for it but if it lives up to its hype and continues to develop, it may quickly become a must-have piece of tech around the house.