Wearables are big news at the moment with all the major companies trying to convince customers that their latest version will be the next essential piece of tech. This means that there is a bewildering a variety of styles, functions, performances and costs to take into consideration. The two main contenders for the title of Top Wearable are Apple and Android, as with much in the tech world. But how do they compare? And what is the difference between the products?

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch certainly generated the most hype in the lead up to its release and was heralded as the change in wearable tech that was needed. It certainly has the looks – slim and slender, it looks sophisticated and high-tech but then with a price tag started at $349, it needs to look the part. There are features that are carried over from the iPhone and those that aren’t so it can listen to dictated texts then sends either an audio message or a transcript but there isn’t a function to edit the message. Contacts are carried over to make calls but no new contact can be added.

The proximity of an iPhone to get certain features to work can be an issue for those who don’t own one. For instance, it can tell you what a song is using the Shazam app but it needs the microphone from the iPhone to do so. There’s a basic fitness app but for more complex GPS-enabled third party apps to work, again the iPhone has to be nearby.

Android Watches

There is definitely a greater range of prices and options with the Android versions of the smartwatch as they come from a number of different manufacturers. This means that people can spend as much or as little as they want.

At the high end of the price scale is the LG Urbane. This retails at a similar price to the Apple Watch and has the sophisticated look of an expensive watch to it. However, it does tend to appeal more to men than women due to its looks. It operates on the latest version of Android, the first smartwatch to do this and there are a number of hands free options with it operated by flicking the wrist but this doesn’t work to scroll through emails.

Another Android option available at a lower cost is the Samsung Gear Live. This normally retails at around $169 and comes out as many expert’s favourite Android watch. It has built in Wi-Fi connectivity and slightly larger, 1.63 inch screen. There are other built in features such as a heart rate monitor and even a small travel charger. In the looks department it has a curved shape that conforms to the wrist and has smart, minimalist look that will work for ladies as well as for the guys.

And the Winner is…

While the Apple watch has many features, the connectivity with the iPhone could work against it unless you are a dedicated Apple fan and already own one. If that’s the case, then the Apple Watch would be the winner. However, if you aren’t an iPhone owner, then the LG Urbane offers the style and the very latest version of Android that other manufacturers can’t yet offer.